25 April 2014

Prince's Nursery Room

My little nephew was born just one month ago and I got a job… Decorating his Nursery Room.
My sister (the baby's mom) is really picky. So, I'm glad she choose me to help her, it means she trust me for something it's really important to her.
We travel to so many cities looking for furniture, fabrics and all the stuff we needed. Thankfully, now I know almost all the California State. Also I bought some fabrics in Mexico. Drapes, bedding and almost all the fabric stuff is custom made by me. I did install everything, from lighting to shelving, etc. I put all the things together and I fell in love. I took the pictures and decided to share.
Thanks to Family and Friends who gifted my nephew little things to decorate and make it more beautiful.
Do you think that I would be a good Interior Designer?
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